Beijing Chaoyang District Education Commission launches myopia prevention and control work, establishes two vision prevention and control centers

- Nov 25, 2019-

People's Daily Online, Beijing, November 28 (Hao Mengjia, Liu Zheng) The Education Committee of Chaoyang District, Beijing held a seminar on prevention and control of myopia in children and adolescents in the education system of Chaoyang District on the 25th, announcing the establishment of the Beijing Vision Health Education Activity Center Chaoyang Branch and Beijing Chaoyang Branch of Student Vision Promotion Center.


Sun Xun, deputy director of the Education Committee of Chaoyang District, said that the problem of myopia among teenagers is closely related to their living habits and learning habits. Therefore, the Chaoyang District Board of Education will establish an early warning mechanism with full coverage and grading to expand the scope of warnings to all educating participants, in charge of departments, school districts, school grades, classes, teachers, parents, and students, so as to achieve "warning grading and warnings in place".


Xun Xun said that the Chaoyang District has established multiple vision health work centers for the education committee of the benchmark city, forming a vertical link between the city and district working institutions. Under the working mechanism of the Chaoyang District Government Joint Meeting, the education system strengthens communication with relevant commissions and offices. Multi-channel cooperation forms a horizontal synergy between the integration of education and the body and the combination of health and education.


According to reports, the Chaoyang Sub-center of Beijing Vision Health Education Activity Center has organized primary and secondary schools in the district to conduct integrated vision health education activities in sports, arts, technology, etc., increasing the opportunities for outdoor activities for young people, limiting the use of electronic products, and guiding young people through active Upward teamwork enriches the spiritual world. The Chaoyang Branch of Beijing Student Vision Publicity Center will establish a trinity management model led by the Health Center, and the district liaison officer will supervise the grassroots unit main body, and urge the grassroots school medical office to implement the prevention and control of myopia.


The development of the prevention and control of myopia is to implement the "Ten Measures for the Prevention and Control of Myopia in Children and Adolescents in Beijing" issued by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission and other ten departments. The Chaoyang District Board of Education refined the implementation plan to improve the systemic and scientific nature of the prevention and control of adolescent myopia.


The prevention and control of myopia is related to the health of the next generation and the future of the motherland. The Education Commission of Chaoyang District will implement the national myopia prevention and control requirements, implement the "Beijing Ten Articles" measures, take good care of children's eyes, and let teenagers have a bright future.