2019 Thailand SILMO Bangkok Optical Exhibition Group Registration has begun

- Mar 31, 2019-

Founded in 1967, SILMO is an important eyewear event in Europe. Today, SILMO International Partners are expanding their reach into promising new markets. Following SILMO Istanbul and SILMO Sydney, it is also very optimistic about the Southeast Asian and East Asian glasses market. In 2018, it was the first time to launch the SILMO Bangkok Exhibition.


Group photo of the heads of countries and regions at the opening ceremony

On June 20-22, 2018, the China Optical Association (COOA) was invited to form a group of 37 companies from 17 companies to participate in the 2018 SILMO Bangkok Exhibition held at the Impact Exhibition Center in Bangkok, Thailand. It is reported that Bangkok Impact Exhibition Center in Bangkok is an important exhibition place in Bangkok. More than 40 exhibitions are held every year. There are 96 companies from 11 countries and regions participating in the 2018 SILMO Optical Exhibition, including 49 Chinese companies (including Taiwan 8). Home, Hong Kong 2), accounting for 51%; Thai companies 12, accounting for 13%; South Korea and North Korea 16 companies, accounting for 17%; French companies 3, accounting for 3%; Germany 2, the United Kingdom, Italy, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Monaco, etc. are all one.

It is understood that the goal of Bangkok International Optical Expo is to become the optical trading platform of Thailand. It brings together more than 4,000 professionals and will receive brands and companies from various optical and optical departments, including frames, lenses, contact lenses, Materials, equipment and commercial services. With strong economic growth, a growing middle class population and a young and fashionable population, Bangkok is preparing to become the gateway to ASEAN and open up a vibrant and growing eyewear market.


As China's fourth-largest importer of eyewear products, Thailand's impact on Myanmar, Laos and Malaysia is more direct and can better radiate Southeast Asian markets. In recent years, the market for eye care products and eyewear industry in Thailand has continued to rise, with the annual growth rate of lenses, frames and glasses spare parts market at 6.82%. At the same time, Thailand is one of the largest lens production bases in the world, accounting for 22% of global production (800-900 million pieces/year), laying the foundation for the market for optometry products.


In view of the participation of China's optical enterprises in the SILMO Bangkok exhibition in 2018, the Bangkok Exhibition has positive significance for promoting the platform of the industry and the Southeast Asian market, and the market has certain growth. In fact, Chinese companies have begun to take the foundation in this market and cooperative customers, and Thai people have become the main source of business in the local market.