The glasses and glasses boxes, the daily maintenance of cleaning

- Jun 09, 2019-

Glasses and glasses box used in life time grew, shell will have dust and debris, are generally out of glasses cloth even keep clothes clean. The rumors are not used to clean glasses, glasses cloth with glasses cloth to wipe glasses for a long time, will cause the lens wear. In fact, the function is used to package the lens glasses cloth, isolated from glasses box. Cleaning step to share with you today:


Glasses box cleaning:

A little detergent: 

1.Put on the glasses of adhesion of dust.

2. Under the tap water rinse, at the same time with the hand slightly wipe.

3. Use a clean soft tissue coated lenses.

4. Blot moisture, put the glasses in ventilated place dry.


Glasses cleaning of the big four effective methods:

A, glasses wipe paper

Special glasses wipe the paper is a good choice. Monolithic independent packaging, portable, without washing, tore open the box, fast cleaning, remove grease stain on lens, stains, dust, bacteria for legacy on the glasses, frames can efficiently remove. Cannot be used repeatedly is one of its shortcomings.

Second, the glasses washed by hand

Directly with tap water rinse lenses, wash the dust in the attachment. Will be hand-washed, squeeze some detergent, hand sanitizer, etc liquid detergent on the finger. Keep there is water on the lens, the detergent in lenses after cleaning; If need diluted detergent concentration is too big, wash again until completely washed away, washed away the water drops on the lens with small water finally. If a small amount of water left, usable and clean soft dry 100% pure cotton cloth blot, do not wipe. Need to have water, is a constraint.

Three, glasses spray cleaning

For some anti-fog lens series, you need to use collocation anti-fog cleaner clean up. Ordinary lens can use ordinary spray cleaners and microfiber cleaning cloth, should spray cleaner on both sides of the lens, with clean hands in circle shape carefully wipe, wipe, after the completion of reoccupy microfiber cleaning cloth blot on the surface.

Four, glasses ultrasonic cleaning machine

Each regular store had such equipment, the clerk can skilled operation. The correct way is: adding water into the ultrasonic cleaning machine, plug in, in the glasses, press ON, wait for after wash, close the switch, unplug the power supply.