Advancing with the Times and Preventing and Controlling Myopia——The 5th Optometry Forum of China Optics Development Education Program Held in Beijing

- Dec 06, 2019-

The China Optics Development Education Program (abbreviation: CODE) was initiated by the Optometrists Branch of the Chinese Optical Association (abbreviation: Optometrists Branch) and the National Optometry and Optician Vocational Education and Teaching Steering Committee (Abbreviation: Vocational Education Committee). A training and improvement project for teachers of professional vision in China's vocational colleges. On the afternoon of September 9, taking advantage of the 32nd Beijing International Optics Fair, the 5th CODE Vision Forum was held in Hall 1 of Beijing International Exhibition Center. The theme of this forum is "myopia prevention and control and functional glasses fitting". Qi Bei, vice chairman of the China Optical Association, director of the Optometrists Branch, and five teachers from CODE Xuecheng returned to China were invited to do international advanced optometry technology. share it.

Du Tonghe, Secretary General of the China Light Industry Federation, Chairman of the China Optical Association, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of the China Optical Association, and Dai Weiping, Deputy Director and Secretary General of the Education and Training Commission, addressed the forum and emphasized that myopia is important to Chinese people, especially children and adolescents. The hazards and the importance and urgency of myopia prevention and control, I hope that the participants will actively learn, introduce and integrate international advanced optometry technology on the basis of actively responding to the national call to further improve the professional ability of fitting and the professional level of myopia prevention and control.

Then, under the title "Causes and Control of Myopia", Ji Bei first demonstrated the methods and functions of products and technologies such as excimer keratotomy, orthokeratology, ring focus glasses and soft lenses in controlling myopia from a professional perspective. . Focusing on "Selection of Myopia Prevention and Control Methods from the Perspective of Evidence-based Medicine", "Prism in Optometry", "Matching of Low Vision and Far Vision Aids", "Aids Use and Training Methods", Topics such as the prevention and treatment of high myopia, Professor Wang Haiying and Associate Professor Chen Liping from Tianjin Vocational University, Zhu Shenlin, Optometrist, West China Hospital, Sichuan University, Yu Yang, Ophthalmologist, Second Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University, and Associate Professor Hu Yuanyuan, Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Experts made wonderful sharing of new ideas, new products, new technologies, and new methods in the field of myopia prevention and control, which greatly inspired the guests and had more confidence in how to better carry out myopia prevention and control in the future.

Speaker professional, audience professional, content professional, organizational professional-no doubt, this is a high-profile professional forum for myopia prevention and control with concentrated essence. Adhering to a professional attitude, advancing with the times, and doing a good job in the prevention and control of myopia is not only the pursuit of the Chinese Optical Association, CODE, the Optometrists Branch, and the Professional Education Committee, but also all practitioners of the optometry industry The goal of the struggle.