Advantages of a reverse umbrella

- Jan 25, 2018-

1, a reverse umbrella won't drop, because the umbrella by hydrophobic coating, itself does not cause rain stranded, and pack up the umbrella, the internal and external become an umbrella on the rain will be directly intercept inside the umbrella, and do not follow the umbrella, so I can keep dry.

2, a reverse umbrella can minimum space opening and closing: up and down the doors on rainy days, can be the smallest space to open an umbrella, reduce the degree of wet.

3, the crowd easy to open and close: due to the opening up an umbrella, so don't specially hold the reverse umbrella for gao can avoid the stamp to the people around us.

4, resistance to strong winds: as the umbrella with double spokes, even if the wind is also don't have to worry about, button located on the umbrella handle can be restored to the initial open the umbrella shape.