Application advantages and composition requirements of fold umbrellas

- Dec 21, 2017-

The fold umbrellas is a tool for sun shading, shelter from the rain and snow when used. Folding umbrellas are usually made of extensible fabric, and other materials that can be used as skeletons and thread wrapping. When you use it, you raise it by hand. Although the main purpose of the umbrella when it was originally invented is to block sunlight, but now it is often used as a tool to prevent rain in rainy days.

The spring in the  fold umbrellas is a very important part of the umbrella hardware. When it is used, it will make the umbrella more mechanical through the characteristics of the spring, and make the spring stronger by the spring force, torque, pressure and resilience.

The folding umbrella needs effective in ventilated and dry place after use, need to use a small amount of lubricating oil in the umbrella ribs and the umbrella handles,to prevent rust and mildew. Open the umbrella, should shake off an umbrella , straight umbrella rib, and then slowly opened, which can prevent the fracture. The umbrella of pvc fabric must not be held open when it is glued together, the sticky place should be separated by hand and then opened slowly.

When using the umbrella, do not hang the umbrella on the alkaline lime wall, this can prevent the crispness of the umbrella surface. Do not use umbrella to pick up things, do not use umbrellas as a walking stick, do not let umbrellas close to high temperatures (especially transparent umbrellas of plastic fabrics), to prevent the umbrella deformation.

When buying a folding umbrella, we should choose the umbrella surface to be full and no off-line phenomenon. After 5~6 times of continuous operation, the shoulder should not fall off, the shoulder should be solid, the handle, the stem, the bone and the surface should be intact, and the electroplated parts should be smooth. The waterproof property of the fabric should be strong, and the nylon umbrella face should be blown out. The automatic parachute opening button should be flexible. Sloshing gently, and will not be automatically opened.