AR smart glasses that can be used underwater

- Jul 02, 2019-

Underwater has always been the 'forbidden zone' of AR glasses.


But a Vancouver-based sports technology company, Form, recently announced that they will launch an AR smart glasses, Form Swim Goggles, next month, allowing you to track your movements underwater.


It looks like a normal swimming goggle at first glance.


But when you put it in the water, the AR display in the goggles will do its job.


This screen allows you to see through the information while swimming, real-time display of data including stopwatch, swimming speed, travel distance, calories burned, the waveguide optical system in the glasses, the information can be in the immediate focus.


This allows the swimmer to liberate his hands and truly integrate reality and virtuality. More importantly, for professional athletes, this allows them to instantly grasp their performance in timed games and understand what is happening now, including knowing exactly how much time they have spent on a 50-meter track and ending. How many meters are there and so on.


Swimming is one of the largest sports in the world, with more than 30 million active swimmers in the US alone, and Scott Dickens, Director of Form's Strategic Partner, said:


Being able to see real-time information in the goggles is definitely a function that can change the 'rules of the game'.