Are sunglasses appropriate for children

- Jan 11, 2019-

Medical experts say it's best not to wear them under the age of 6.Children are in the critical period of visual development and need to provide clear images to stimulate visual development of the eyes.Sunglasses will make the child's eyes in relatively dim light, short time wearing will not have too big impact, but the time is too long, the  fundus macular area can not be effective stimulation, may have adverse effects on visual development, it is recommended not to give the child to wear sunglasses before the age of 6.If the child has pinkeye, high eye pressure, hypertension and other diseases, do not wear.Look at the criteria.If a child needs to wear sunglasses under special circumstances, it is recommended to go to a regular match or ophthalmic hospital, and choose a qualified product from a regular manufacturer.Can pass product label commonly, "UV400" wait for mark differentiate, had better choose the product that the label labels labels to mark 100% to prevent ultraviolet clearly.Don't go too dark. Choose as many framed sunglasses as you can.Lens can not use fragile glass material, the best choice of resin, PC wear