Before you buy children's sunglasses, you still need to know these

- Jun 01, 2019-

Children's sunglasses are not ordinary goods. Before you buy, you need to do the following preparations:

First of all, parents usually have to establish good eye habits for children to protect eye health.


Secondly, regularly take your child to a professional ophthalmology for vision and eye examination to prevent and detect some early eye diseases. This is very necessary and many parents tend to ignore this.


Third, if your child's eyes are all normal, consult an ophthalmologist and learn how to buy sunglasses and how to wear them properly.


Fourth, if there are special circumstances in the child's eyes, it is necessary for the doctor to recommend sunglasses that are more suitable for the child's specific situation, such as sunglasses with special colors, coatings, and functions.


As for the size of the child, you can wear sunglasses. On the one hand, you should look at the child's eye development. On the other hand, you need to see the degree of acceptance. Before the age of 2, your child's vision will develop rapidly. The wearing of sunglasses requires professional guidance from the ophthalmologist according to the child's eye condition. In addition, we found that many children are reluctant to be covered and do not want to wear items on their heads. Many parents also report that children keep rubbing their sunglasses. Therefore, for comprehensive consideration, we usually recommend that children under the age of 2 can be exposed to ultraviolet light by pulling up the awning of the stroller, wearing a parasol, and wearing a wide-brimmed sun hat. Go to the beach and other strong sunshine, or have other needs, the ophthalmologist will specifically assess whether to wear sunglasses.


Children over the age of 2 wear high quality sunglasses to protect their eyes. Avoid going out when the UV intensity peaks (about 10 am to 3 pm, 4 pm), even on cloudy days, because the clouds can only scatter ultraviolet light and cannot block it. Tell your child that you can't look directly at the sun even if you wear sunglasses. The time to wear sunglasses continuously should not be too long. The correct method is to wear it when the sun is strong, and remove it when the sun is weak.