Bike rain umbrella design

- Apr 21, 2018-

Bike rain umbrella refers to an umbrella that can be easily fixed to a bicycle frame. This umbrella is characterized by wind resistance, snow cover, sun protection, durability, and ease of installation. But also can be folded, carrying more convenient, can be called a good partner out.


The basic composition of this type of bike rain umbrella is this: It mainly includes umbrella poles, umbrellas, umbrellas, wind ropes and rain curtains. In addition, the umbrella ribs at the top of the umbrella pole and the umbrella surface are unequal in length before and after the ribs. It is generally a short front and a long rear design. And the long side is that the ribs can be folded. The canopy is supported by the ribs and is defined by the intersection of the top of the umbrella pole and the umbrella surface. The front is short, the back is long, and it is symmetrical.


In simple terms, in designing the structure of the bicycle umbrella, the shape of the umbrella umbrella is generally designed as an egg shape, similar to an oval shape, and may also be an isosceles trapezoid and another isosceles trapezoid that coedges with it. The formed polygon.


The advantages of bicycle umbrellas are also obvious: First, the umbrellas have a large effective shelter area and can prevent the umbrellas from being folded over. They can be installed flexibly on the front of the car when used and provide sufficient shelter for the rider. Snow or direct sunlight. In addition, bicycle umbrellas can also serve as a cover for outdoor storage of bicycles. When not in use, they can be conveniently stowed and stored without affecting normal travel.