Brief introduction of Mini makeup compact mirrors

- Dec 30, 2017-

Unlike the cylindrical shape of a general pocket mirror, the edge of the cosmetic mirrors gradually narrows to a tight closure (with a magnetic switch attached), Mirror surface polished with nickel - silver material, one side is a normal mirror, other side with the effect of magnification.
The combination of the plane mirror plus the magnifying side meet your different needs for makeup , and is built for the beauty of you . The high - definition mirror 1 : 1 can focus on real self whenever and anywhere . High - definition mirror 3 times magnification , detail make - up , easy to handle anytime and anywhere. The hinges are designed with fine envelopes, high folding times, open and close more than 50,000 experiments, longer use. 

makeup mirror.jpg

Mini round mirror features:
1.Portable along with compact design , can be placed in either pocket or bag .
2.Free folding, small figure, big function, you can always carry the mirror with you when you go to work, have a date or shopping, always be ready to stand out.
3.Beautiful appearance and good handle. Elegant design, not only beautiful appearance, but also more feel.