Buy a new stationery group to lower grades as the main guide children reasonable consumption

- Aug 07, 2017-

On the occasion of the opening date of primary and secondary schools, students have to go to the city's major stationery shops to purchase stationery, for the new semester to prepare, stationery sales also began to enter the peak season, in order to understand the current market, the specific market sales Situation, the reporter visited the city's major stationery shops and large supermarkets stationery area.

In the city a number of stationery shop, most of the customers are the door, most of the customers are middle school students, they have two or three students come together, some are accompanied by parents, many students leave the stationery shop Are "full of". A stationery shop salesperson said that from the beginning of this month, stationery sales will gradually become prosperous, and now the sales are usually several times. A large supermarket stationery shop staff said that taking into account the students' spending power is still relatively low, most of their stationery prices are very low, so very popular with the students.

Teachers of the three teachers attached to the small Zhang told reporters that the new semester to buy a new stationery group, mainly to the new students, while the lower grades of students compared to the older students are more enthusiastic. "For the stationery, the lower grades of children often do not have a very cherish the use of consciousness, usually a pencil with a few to disappear.Our class on the podium to collect a lot of 'unclaimed' pencil, rubber Class of small stationery. "

The school principal of a school that the school does not advocate the actual needs of stationery consumption is frequent, high-grade, the future school will further strengthen the students' values education, usually also pay attention to through a variety of moral activities, initiatives such as children have spare cash, Can go to help the difficult children, so that children develop a good habit of saving. He also pointed out that parents have a great impact on the child's consumption concept, so they also pay attention to parents to participate in the school's moral education, through parental, family visits and parent-child activities, etc., to guide children to rational consumption.