Can the used folding umbrella still be able to fold into the appearance of just bought?

- Oct 20, 2017-

When people are choosing umbrellas, the first thing they think about is folding umbrellas. This is because this kind of umbrella is very convenient to use, especially when carrying. However, there are many friends who do not know how to receive.

If it is improperly stored, it is likely that the folding umbrella will produce some holes, which not only affect the appearance, but also affect the normal use. In serious cases, it may even break down the paratroopers, leading to abandonment.

In the process of folding, the first thing to do is to fold all the corners, all the places where the handle is. Note that the spacing should be controlled for the next step. Next, we gently shake the folding umbrella, making each fold inlay into the middle of two folds. It's important to note that all the folds can be embedded in the middle of the two folds.

reverse umbrella    .jpg

                                                                 reverse rain umbrella
Next, we can close the folding umbrella in the same way. In closing, it is operated along a clockwise manner. The last thing is to put the tape on the outside, and then rotate it a few more times so that it's done. It is important to note that before receiving the umbrella, it is important to let the umbrella dry, otherwise the umbrella will become brittle, so that the hole may break or break.

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