Characteristics, Advantages and Materials of Reverse Umbrella

- Sep 06, 2017-

【Summary】Does reverse umbrella  belong to umbrella? What basic knowledge should we have about it? These questions are raised to lead to the content of this article and we are going to answer these questions so that we can learn more about reverse umbrella. In this way, we won’t be absolutely ignorant of it.
1.    Does reverse umbrellabelong to umbrella? Compared with ordinary umbrellas, what characteristics does it have?
Reverse umbrella is one type of umbrella, so the answer to the first question is yes. Compared with ordinary umbrellas, its characteristic is that its rib is outward. Therefore, when the umbrella is closed, the side that keeps the rain off is inward, not outward to avoid wet ourselves or other people. What’s more, the umbrella can be rolled up, which makes it easy to carry and use.
2.    Does reverse folding umbrella belong to reverse umbrella?  What’s the price of it in English?
Reverse folding umbrella is one type of umbrella. With respect to its property, it is undoubted that it also belongs to reverse umbrella. Therefore, the answer to the first question is obviously yes. Regarding its price, namely the price of reverse folding umbrella, it can be described as “reverse folding umbrella price”.

3.    What are the advantages of reverse umbrella? What materials do reverse umbrellas have?
Reverse umbrella has 3 main advantages. Firstly, it occupies less space when it is closed. Secondly, it can help us avoid being spattered with rain and being blown over by strong wind. Thirdly, it can be put onthe ground directly when it is folded.

reverse umbrella .jpg

reverse umbrellas

There are 2 frequently-used materials of reverse umbrellas. They are  pongee and black plaster. Currently speaking, pongee is more frequently used. However, in terms of using effect, black plaster is better because it can be used both on sunny days and rainy days. Its frequency of utilization is higher.

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