Characteristics of Food Storage Bags with Different Materials and Thickness

- Oct 11, 2017-

Nowadays, we can see various food storage bags in different materials, shapes and colors. Have you ever thought what differences they have? We will introduce information about this aspect in the following paragraphs.
Firstly, if we use different materials when making food storage bags, the air permeability of the bags will be significantly different. For example, if the material used is excellent, the food storage bags made of the material will have good air permeability and moisture permeability. In this way, it can adjust the content of air and moisture around the food and extend the shelf life of the food.
By the way, when we choose food storage bags for different types of food, we should pay attention to their scopes of application. For example, some storage bags are designed for ordinary food, such as instant noodles, biscuits, laver and so on. However, other storage bags are designed for deep-frozen food, such as meat, seafood and bean products.

food storage bag    .jpg

 Portable food storage bag

Of course, when we choose food storage bags, we consider economic factors. When packing cooked food, we need to pay attention to the shelf life of the food. Therefore, storage bags with good barrier property and good shading effect will be suitable. In addition, the thickness of storage bags should also be taken into consideration.
We should also pay attention to the fact that the shading effect of the thicker bag will be better than that of the thinner one when the two bags are in the same material, but the cost of the former will be higher. Therefore, many factors should be considered when choosing food storage bags.

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