Cheer for Our own glasses brand

- Apr 24, 2019-

Wenzhou glasses are worth a lot, and a pair of glasses can be sold for 300 euros. In 2015, the sales value of enterprises above designated size in the Bohai glasses industry increased by 28.6% year-on-year, and exports increased by 23.1% year-on-year. Under the downward trend of the economy, it is not easy to achieve such brilliant results. This mainly depends on design innovation, quality improvement and economies of scale.

A pair of glasses that can sell for 300 euros is a company that has already started brand building. This company, through the advantages of its own brand, has achieved the same volume and price, and has become one of the top brands in the world. Brand is a promise, a credit, an intangible asset that brings a premium to the owner and adds value.

Brands are so important to companies and products. Why haven’t they been paid enough attention by some companies in the past? There are objective reasons for this. At the beginning of development, some enterprises have weak capital and technology, and it is inevitable to start from counterfeiting to complete their capital accumulation. This of course hurts the formal brand and social credibility. In August 1987, 5,000 pairs of Wenzhou inferior leather shoes in Hangzhou Wulin Square were paid for, which is a portrayal of this phenomenon. The fire spurred the quality consciousness of Wenzhou people. In December 1999, Wenzhou shoe enterprises burned more than 2,000 fake and fake shoes in Wenzhou in Hangzhou, indicating their awareness of brand awareness. In August 2007, Wenzhou enterprises in Hangzhou Wulin Square, also ordered a "fire" - "fire of integrity", "fire of the brand." These three "fires" spanning 20 years are precisely the epitome of Wenzhou's enterprise development and a footnote for the development of Chinese private enterprises. The rise of Wenzhou glasses has experienced almost the same development process.

Brand building is a systematic project, based on honesty, with quality as the core and innovation as the driving force. Without good faith, there is no way to talk about "brands"; without quality, "brands" have no value; without innovation, "brands" have no vitality. Then, when a company has the above three conditions, will it be possible to successfully create a brand? This also requires a good environment to support. In a market environment where fakes are everywhere, supervision is weak, and lack of credibility, companies that want to do a good job are sometimes dragged down by counterfeit products and killed by "Li Gui".

Some glasses companies in Wenzhou sell a pair of glasses to 300 euros with their own brands, which deserves our applause. However, it is a little regrettable that although sales of Bohai glasses are growing at an average annual rate of more than 20%, more than 90% of the business is for dozens of international first- and second-line glasses brands. The profit of the foundry should not be high. Less than 10% of its own brands. If this number is reversed, international OEMs account for 10%, and independent brands account for 90%. What kind of scene will it be? We can process the brand products, indicating that our R&D level, manufacturing level and production management level have reached a certain height. However, after all, the brand is others, we are still their wage earners, “little daughters”, not the market. The owner, who lost a lot of profits, still did not get rid of the fate that would be eliminated at any time.

In fact, not only the glasses industry has been able to design and produce world-class fashion products, but also other industries have first-class products, but the brand is still not loud. For example, some rice cookers recommended by Dong Mingzhu on the "two sessions" have their own brands, but their popularity is not high enough. Fortunately, these situations have already attracted the attention of relevant departments and related enterprises, and they are working hard. We have reason to believe that as long as it takes time, these brands can share their latitude and longitude with them. In short, "good wine still has to be diligent," to gradually eliminate the impression that people "the moon is a foreign circle."


Some glasses companies in Wenzhou have been striving to build their own brands and have achieved success, which has accumulated valuable experience for us to build international brands to seize the global market. We should accelerate the development of independent brands while strengthening R&D, design and manufacturing capabilities. At the moment, we should work together to create a fair and just brand competition environment. All industries can create international branded goods that are competitive internationally, so that the “toilet cover phenomenon” no longer occurs.