China has the world's largest population of myopia

- Jan 09, 2019-

It is reported that"Among the population over 5 years old in China, the number of people suffering from myopia is about 450 million, and myopia among teenagers has become a serious social and public health problem.However, in sharp contrast to this, there is a serious shortage of qualified optometrists in China, with an estimated shortfall of 300,000.Recently, the Beijing association of physicians eye specialist branch. Seeing light the first director of professional committee member, director of the Beijing university people's hospital of ophthalmology Ming-Wei zhao in the Beijing association of physicians eye specialist optical professional committee and the Beijing branch of eye vision alliance founding conference ", said the eye sees two spot in the field of light, one is the lack of professional title and exports, the second is the lack of high-end talent, it has become our country eye health continue to supplement the short