China's first polar sunglasses made by Ryan, twice in the North and South Poles

- Mar 02, 2019-

A few days ago, the Fayindi Polar Sunglasses brand launch conference was held on the “Huangpu Cruise” at Qinhuangdao Ferry Terminal in Shanghai. This marks the first polar sunglasses that China's independent research and development and manufacturing is officially facing the market.

Polar sunglasses are developed and manufactured by Zhejiang Fayidi Glasses Co., Ltd. located in Mayu Town. It is the first polar sunglasses independently developed by China. It is reported that Fa Yi Di is a professional optical enterprise with high-tech manufacturing technology and domestic advanced technology level. It has been taking the brand high-end line, and the lowest price of products is 1,500 yuan (including lenses). At present, the company has 2 invention patents and more than 10 utility model patents. In July and November last year, it took the "Snow Dragon" to compete in the Arctic and the Arctic, helping Chinese scientific expedition personnel to complete the mission of polar scientific investigation, demonstrating the "polar quality" of "Ruian Manufacturing".