Classification of Glasses Case

- May 04, 2018-

Glasses case, is when glasses are not used, save glasses and protect the glasses from pollution and damage. Our eyeglasses case design is fashionable and beautiful, not only can be used to store glasses, but also can be used as a pencil box, jewelry box, accessories box and so on.


At present, our glasses boxes are divided into the following categories:


1.   Metal Glasses Case

The metal glasses case is the most widely used in the glasses package. Generally, the surface material is made of artificial leather PVC, PU, real leather, microfiber cloth, different kinds of cloth, and the most popular digital print fabrics at the moment. We provide professional product design solutions according to customers' preferences and requirements, break the limitations of traditional fabrics, design unique products for customers, and help customers win the market.


2.   Foldable Glasses Case

The design concept of the foldable glasses case comes from portability. It can protect the glasses after opening, and the folding process is fun and interesting, just like magic. The surface material is divided into imitation leather PVC, PU, cloth, special paper. And the interlayer can be made of iron, plastic, paper board and aluminium The inside material is velvet cloth.


3.Handmade Glasses Case

The shell material of handmade glasses case is divided into iron, aluminum and paper board. The surface of the fabric can be PVC, PU artificial leather and various types of cloth. The lining is velvet cloth. Most processes of handmade case are finished by hand, hence the name“Handmade Case”,it is a product category that has been sold well over the past three years and widely used in the outer packing of optical glasses.