Cleaning Cloth for Glasses

- Dec 07, 2018-

How much do you know about the microfiber cleaning cloth for glasses? Mostly, there are mainly two kinds of microfiber cleaning cloth for glasses in the market.

1. Whats material to consist of glasses cloth?

One is cloth #1(our model code), it is made from 80% polyester and 20% polyamide fiber, its belong to first-class quality cloth. The other one is #2, its made from 100% polyester, #1 quality is better than #2, and the price is more expensive than #2.

2. Is the weight of glasses cloth important?

Generally speaking, the heavier of the weight is the better quality is, and mostly for glasses cloth, the weight is range is from 170g to 230g ㎡。

3. Whats the regular size of glasses cloth?

Mostly, 15*15cm (length*width) or 15*18cm (length*width) is most commonly size.

4. How many kinds of the glasses cloth edge and corner?

There are 6 styles for choosing, please see below picture.


5. Does customized designs can print on the cloth? 

Absolutely yes, nowadays, CMYK printing almost can print any color or any designs on the cloth with ease, and can ensure above 99% similarity against the designs (Ai draft), and CMYK printing is our company specialty, we not only can print designs on cloth, but also can print on pu, pvc, canvas etc., and those materials also could be covering material for glasses case, amazing technical, right?