Clinical symptoms of myopia

- Jun 27, 2019-

1. Vision loss


1) Far vision loss: When looking far away, some clear objects become blurred.


 1 Blink phenomenon: Some people squint when looking at distant objects. This is the typical blink phenomenon caused by the decline in distance vision in the early stage of myopia.


 2 Object approaching phenomenon: Some myopic patients, when looking at distant objects, go together to watch, or move distant objects closer.


2) Decreased near vision: those with higher myopia will have a decrease in near vision while the distance vision decreases. It is generally necessary to put the near vision table closer to get the best near vision.


2. Visual fatigue


1) Visual fatigue in mild myopia: due to the inevitable contradiction between the regulation and collection of myopia.


2) Visual fatigue in high myopia: The distance between the far point of the high myopia and the near point is very close, that is, the adjustment range is small. A strong adjustment force is required to make the object clear. Therefore, such patients are in a state of intense regulation, and thus easily cause visual fatigue.


3. Changes in eye position


Due to the inconsistency between the adjustment and the collection function, the myopia is prone to external oblique or exotropia.


4. Changes in the fundus


It is the most important and most common clinical symptom of myopia. High myopia can have degenerative changes in the fundus