Contact lenses box maintenance mode:

- Jun 11, 2019-

The following is a comprehensive recent research of the most complete accessories maintenance mode:


Suck rod and tweezers after use, in order to contact lens cleaning liquid (or water) after washing, use dry your face, placed in a cool and ventilated place. Don't take suck rod and tweezers in the bathroom or toilet. Don't put the original transparent small damp suck rod inside the barrel. Even with the correct maintenance procedure, also please change regularly suck rod and tweezers. Practice if you can, do not use tweezers to take glasses, eliminate the chance of tweezers contaminated.


Please use soap to wash your hands or clean hands, don't just wash (do not use milk to wash your hands with suet, will affect the hard hydrophilic contact lenses). Hands after cleaning, dry with a clean paper towels or surface, do not use hand towel, hand towel or clothing.


Don't keep the potion in the bathroom, toilet, especially with physiological salt water rinse lenses (with salt water capacity big, do not contain antiseptic, placed too long easily polluted). Please put the lid back the potion used, don't come into contact with air.