Control of myopia

- Jul 30, 2019-

According to the latest statistics of the National Health and Health Commission, the incidence of myopia in primary and secondary schools in China shows a trend of “low age and high incidence”, and the overall myopia rate of children and adolescents nationwide is 53.6%.


As a country with the highest myopia rate among teenagers, China's visual health situation is extremely serious. Among them, the pre-school myopia rate is 14.5%, the primary school is 36%, the junior high school is 71.6%, and the high school is 81%.


High myopia has become the leading cause of blindness. Myopia is more than 6 is high myopia, which is more than 600 degrees of myopia, the rate of cataract increased by 5 times, the incidence of glaucoma increased by 14 times, the risk of retinal detachment increased by 20 times. .


Myopia has become the second most common blind eye disease in China. The first is cataract. The second largest is the high complication caused by myopia and high myopia. That is, many blinding risks are caused by myopia, so myopia is myopia. Eye problems are no longer a problem.