Corneal plasticizer can effectively control the development of myopia

- Aug 14, 2018-

At present, the treatment of myopia mainly focuses on three types: control peripheral defocusing special lens represented by corneal plasticizer, improvement of lag adjustment technique based on binocular visual function training, and myopia surgery. Professor lu fan said that as teenagers are still developing, they are not suitable for myopia surgery. Currently, one of the safe methods that can effectively control, delay the development of myopia and avoid the development of children into pathological high myopia is scientific corneal plasticizer. Studies have shown that corneal plasticizers slow the development of myopia far better than conventional glasses: kids wearing glasses with normal glasses experience an increase in myopia of about 50 to 75 degrees a year, some even higher. Children wearing corneal plasticizers have only increased their myopia by about 10 to 25 degrees a year.

"Because corneal plastic surgery is a third type of medical device, you have to go to a medical facility with medical qualifications, and you have to have a doctor with the relevant qualifications for a professional check-up." Professor lu fan pointed out that China has approved the listing of corneal plasticizer with a maximum refraction of 600 degrees, and the applicable age group is 8 years old or above. "That is to say, unless special cases, patients with myopia above 600 degrees or children under the age of 8 are generally not recommended to wear a corneal plasticizer."