Customization Regulations of Sunglasses Cases

- Aug 28, 2017-

【Original Title】Eyeglasses Cases
【Summary】Sunglasses case is a type of eyeglasses case which is used to store our sunglasses so that we can carry them easily. Sunglasses can protect our eyes. Optical eyeglasses can help us correct visual acuity. Of course, they can also be stored in sunglasses cases.
Eyeglasses used to protect our eyes usually include protective goggles, wind goggles, sunglasses, etc. Sunglasses cases are used to store sunglasses. For its customization, firstly we should pay attention to the specification and color of eyeglasses case. It cannot be denied that these two points are alterable.
Secondly, we should notice that full screen printing can be applied to the outside of iron sunglasses cases. Of course, a local logo, gold stamping, silver stamping, embossing printing can also be applied. For the lining in an eyeglasses case, logo printing methods include screen printing, embossing printing or foil printing. For external and internal materials, there are many options available for customization to a great extent!

sunglasses box2-(2).jpg

colorful  eyewear case

Thirdly, screen printing logo or foil printing logo can be added onto soft sunglasses bags. For the same model, we can choose pressure-proof inner hull or not. For the edge of soft bag, to a certain extent, it can be divided to hot edge and others.
Last but not least, when it comes to sunglasses pouches, their frequently-used materials are knitted clothes, waterproof clothes, PU leather and PVC leather. For such sunglasses pouch, the size is usually 180*90mm. OF course, the size can also be customized.
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