Cute pencil bag

- May 12, 2018-

I have a lot of pen bags, among which I like a very lovely pen bag my mother gave me.

This bag is made of pink canvas and feels very tactile. Its positive is a beautiful picture, with a little rabbit, was wearing a skirt with two long ears, big eyes blinking, as if to say: "master, in class like I stare big eyes, ears listening!" When you open the button below the picture, you can expand the pen bag, which is bigger than the Chinese textbook. At the top, there was a school timetable in a transparent lattice, and in the middle was a place where pens could be clipped, with "red, blue, and black pen three brothers". Then open a zipper, which is a large room, you see, there are naughty automatic pencils, there is an eraser, there is a flat ruler, there is a new pen to check in. There is also a mysterious dark room in my pocket, which is usually hidden from others, hidden in my favorite lottery ticket. This lovely pen has been with me all the time, and I have taken it as a family member.

My lovely pen bag, you are my bosom friend good friend, I certainly will good protect you, love you!