Cute pencil pouch

- Mar 30, 2018-

Pencil case, also called the pencil bag, stationery bag zipper. It is the extension of stationery, stationery box has more beauty can not be achieved. Pen can be used to hold a pen or other small stationery, stationery box than carry more convenient, more comfortable, more space, in order to achieve the minimum space to pack up things, the small space to use more. Our students are deeply favored. According to the material, bag leather, synthetic leather, cotton cloth, Oxford cloth, plastic bag, pen bag and stereo picture. The shapes are rectangular, cylindrical and allogenic.

Now with the development and design of the fashion industry,fashion stationery pencil bag is not only a pen as a practical tool, can be designed into various shapes and patterns, full of fashion elements. It can even be used as a accessory. Now on the market a variety of style of the pen has become a fashion Master recommended five-star products.