Danyang glasses market development

- Apr 12, 2019-


In 1986, the station brigade established the Huayang glasses marIn the early 1980s, the Danyang glasses market flourished. Individual eyewear factories and small traders are starting to rise. Only Danyang Optical Co., Ltd. supplies the national optical market.ket. After that, Shuangmiao Brigade expanded the Yunyang glasses market, and the Danyang glasses market ushered in its heyday.


By the end of the last century, the two markets of Danyang were united, covering an area of 25 mu, more than 180 booths, more than 500 glasses operators, and the transaction volume exceeded 1 billion yuan, becoming the largest optical industry in the country at that time. Wholesale market, and began to "go out of the country."


Today, many years later, in these two glasses cities, some people have made a lot of money, some people are attracted by violent profits, some people are half dead and some can't.


The first type of people are open shops and shopkeepers of Glasses City. Most of them can't understand why the Internet shockwave is so fast. Business roads that have been around for more than a decade have suddenly disappeared, lacked vitality, and are afraid of change. They can only continue to shrink their business.


The second group is people who are actively concerned about the changes of the times. Most of them are young people. They did not see any signs that “business is hard to do”, but they felt “get better and better”.


According to statistics released in August 2018, in recent years, Danyang has 10,816 online stores, including 1,007 commercial websites and online stores in the optical industry, with global online sales exceeding 2.5 billion yuan. Statistics also show that Internet channels are mainly borne by young people, while older people are not very useful.


Although the Danyang glasses market has been squeezed by the Internet and even domestic and foreign markets in recent years, we have also seen a number of pioneers who have created defensive wars and tried to break through market competition through innovation and technology.