Design philosophy and development tendency of men’s eyeglasses case.

- Sep 28, 2017-

The design philosophy of men’s eyeglasses case; the design essence is to design products which can meet most consumer requirements. So the core idea is ensure the enough space of eyeglasses case to take in the glasses. Meanwhile, we also need to consider the beauty and carrying problems, besides

In the end, we still need to consider a problem is the making material of men’s eyeglasses case, in this range, we should design some simple functions, such as taking in ‘USB flash disk’ or some kinds of small goods etc. Along the development of the marketing economy, the competition of eyeglasses case industrial seems becoming more and more intense. But for those of manufacturing enterprises, if they want to ensure profits, on the other side they have to control the cost of production.       

For those of eyeglasses case’s manufacturing enterprises, if the company plan to decrease the cost of production in the process of production, at present there is a direction is decrease the cost of packing to meet the purpose of controlling costs; Moreover, in this way the goodness is not only can reduce production garbage, also can reduce environment pollution.  

wooden optical case-(7).jpg

wooden glass cases

Moreover, analysis from the trend of market development, in fact recent years men’s eyeglasses case is gradually towards to thin-type design and light-weight-type design; There have been many new materials that can be processed thinner and less difficult to process among the work of choosing material. It is believed that the development of men’s eyeglasses case will meet more possibilities in the future.

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