Do you know the reason to choose the folded glasses case?

- Oct 23, 2017-

When choosing glasses case, it is usually mainly from two aspects, on the one hand, it is required to look beautiful, on the other hand, it is convenient to carry. Obviously, the main function of the eyeglasses box is to hold the glasses, so do you know what benefits you can get if you use a folding glasses box?
Folding glasses case, compared with common type glasses case, looks very high-end and groovy. What are the advantages of this so-called eyeglass case?

folding eyeglasses case2).jpg

folding  optical case

First of all, because of its structural design, we can fold it when we are carrying it, which can save a lot of space and is convenient. Second, it looks more fashionable and attracts young people's attention.
In the production of the folding glasses case, its surface fabric is usually made of leather. the lining is mainly made of velvet cloth, this can have a good protective effect on the glasses. In shape design, the most common is the cuboid structure, and some creative products are designed with triangular structure.
In addition,folding glass boxes with folding functions usually have magnetic adsorption switches, which can be very convenient for users to use. So how big is the commonly used folding glasses case? Usually, the length of cuboid structure is about 150 to 165mm, and the width is about 60mm, with a height of 30 to 50mm, and can be equipped with different size frame glasses.

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