Do you know the six benefits of wearing myopia?

- Jun 15, 2019-

Do you know the six benefits of wearing myopia?

1, myopia glasses can correct vision. Myopia because the distant light can not focus on the retina, causing the distant object to be unclear, and wearing a myopia mirror, you can get a clear image, so that vision can be corrected. 

2, myopia can reduce visual fatigue. Myopia without wearing a mirror will inevitably lead to the fatigue of the glasses, and the result can only be to make the degree deeper. After wearing the mirror normally, the visual fatigue phenomenon will be greatly reduced.

3, myopia can prevent external oblique. When the nearsightedness of the eye is near, the regulation of the eye is weakened. When the long rectus muscle acts more than the inner rectus muscle, the eye will be exotropia. Of course, myopia with external oblique can still be corrected by myopia.


4, myopia can prevent eyeballs from protruding. Because adolescents are still in the developmental stage, accommodative myopia is easy to develop as axial myopia. Especially in high myopia, the anteroposterior diameter of the eyeball is significantly prolonged, and the appearance is characterized by eyeball protrusion. If the myopia is corrected by wearing the mirror at the beginning, this situation will be reduced or not.

5, myopia can prevent amblyopia. High myopia and not wearing glasses in time, often cause ametropia and amblyopia, as long as the appropriate glasses are worn, after a long period of treatment, most of the vision will gradually increase. 6, myopia for high myopia caused by complications, such as retinal detachment, vitreous opacity, cataract, glaucoma, nystagmus, etc., have a certain preventive effect.