Do you know what a good pair of glasses is?

- Apr 04, 2020-

Good glasses should contain the following factors:

1. From a qualified fitting shop. Check whether the fitting shop has the necessary documents such as business license, whether there is a need for optometry and optics environment, and whether the optometrists and contractors have the corresponding professional certificate qualifications.

2. High-quality frames and glasses. Check the following: whether the lenses and frames are obtained and affixed with the "QS" quality and safety mark, whether the outer packaging has a certificate of conformity, factory name and address, contact phone number, implementation standards and other information; the actual lens should be smooth, clear and transparent , No defects and obvious scratches; the plating layer of the frame should be bright, and the surface should be free of wrinkles, corrosion spots and discoloration.

3. Comfortable to wear. Good quality glasses should be clear, comfortable and long-lasting after wearing. After the glasses are assembled and adjusted, you can wear the glasses and walk around to see if there are dizziness, nausea, eye pain, and whether the ground is flat and whether the fixed objects are inclined, etc. If you experience dizziness, vertigo, tearing and other visual fatigue during wearing, you should remove your glasses in time for outdoor rest. After excluding eye diseases, bad eye habits and other factors, you should check if there are quality problems with the glasses.