Does millet want to make glasses? Xiaomi's TS & binbin store opened

- Sep 10, 2018-

Recently, TS brand glasses under xiaomi opened up offline channels, and established offline experience stores in zhongguancun and wangjing respectively. This also shows the channel layout planning of the company with xiaomi blood glasses.

It is understood that on August 16, a TS brand myopia mirror will be officially put on sale in the mi mall. Pre-sale has started on September 9, with a price starting from 299 yuan.

So what's the point of the $299 TS myopia lens? Please join us.

The product itself

The frame is made of PEI polyetherimide material, which is not only physically stable, visually beautiful and graceful, but also very flexible. The concept of minimalism is combined with high-quality materials to create an unexpected ultralight experience of TS myopic mirror frame. The frame weighs 7.5g, about the weight of a half-a4 sheet of paper.

In order to truly achieve the effect of wearing no indentation, TS myopic glasses not only reduced their own weight, but also had the performance characteristics of "nose lifting self-adaptation", "four-point balanced force" and "arcuate mirror leg".