Don’t wear contact lenses when you have a cold

- Mar 02, 2020-

Many beautiful girls like contact lenses, and some non-myopia girls also like beautiful pupils. How can we choose contact lenses while meeting medical needs, and avoid as many complications as possible when wearing contact lenses?

First of all, it is determined that not everyone is suitable for wearing contact lenses. Whether they can wear glasses requires detailed inspection by an ophthalmologist. During the wearing of contact lenses, if any foreign body enters the eyes, immediately remove the lenses, rinse the lenses with water and wait for the eyes to fully relieve before putting on the lenses. Do not drop eye drops while wearing contact lenses. Use artificial tears or eye drops for contact lenses. In addition, you cannot wear contact lenses when your eyes are inflamed, such as blepharitis, stye swollen eyelids, dacryocystitis, insufficient tear secretion, dry eyes, conjunctivitis, trachoma, keratitis, glaucoma, scleritis, iris-ciliary Body inflammation, etc., should not wear contact lenses. Contact lenses are not suitable for colds, menstruation, pregnancy, swimming, presbyopia, etc. For primary and middle school students to wear contact lenses has its particularity, they should go to a large hospital for detailed examination and consultation after careful decision. After wearing contact lenses, you should also go to eye examinations regularly. If you have any discomfort or follow-up clinic problems, you should conduct further diagnosis and treatment.