Dressing cool or protecting? Can children's sunglasses be worn?

- May 31, 2019-

Faced with the glare of the sun, many parents wear sunglasses themselves. And if you want to wear sunglasses for your children, everyone has different doubts: Is sunglasses really important? Is it necessary for children to wear? Just looking at it is cool, more cute? Wearing a bad quality is even more hurtful, what kind of better to buy? A little sunglasses, there is a lot of learning inside.


Do children need sunglasses too?

The child's eyes are still developing, very delicate and very susceptible to damage. Quality-qualified sunglasses block UV rays and protect your eyes from UV rays. Therefore, sunglasses are not a prop for "cool and cute", not a dispensable toy, but a necessary protective item. Sunglasses are so important, we just buy a pair and quickly put it on for the kids? Or when you go out, can you wear your father's sunglasses for a while?


Of course not! Children's vision development has special physiological characteristics. Their visual development requires normal light to stimulate the formation of the macular area of the retina, otherwise it may cause amblyopia. Therefore, the light transmittance of children's sunglasses needs to be no less than 30% to ensure effective stimulation of the macular area of the retina and to ensure normal visual development.


That's why we don't recommend that parents buy sunglasses for their children at will--the children need genuine, quality-qualified products. Otherwise, unqualified sunglasses will hurt your baby's vision.