Du Tong and the chairman of the board of directors came to guide

- Oct 22, 2019-

On October 24th, Du Tong, the Standing Committee member of the Party Committee of the China National Light Industry Association, and the Chairman of the China Optical Association, and Vice President and Secretary-General Dai Weiping visited the Wanxin Optical Group. Tang Longbao, Chairman of Wanxin Optical Group, and Tang Feng, President Ouyang Xiaoyong, special assistant to the general manager, gave a warm reception.

As a state-level green factory, Wanxin Optical Speed Motorhome has demonstrated its advanced production equipment, high production capacity, efficient production and delivery efficiency, and diversified products. Dutong and the chairman of the board learned about the new speed garage. It is a true ultra-fast green factory with a daily delivery rate of 95% and a lens water consumption of 5.5L/piece. Compared with the average lens water consumption of 8.5L/piece, Wanxin Optical will consume water while maintaining quality and quantity. It has reached the minimum, and it has achieved economic development and energy conservation and environmental protection in the true sense.

After visiting the process and process of Wanxin garage, Du Tong and the chairman of the board gave high praise to Wanxin Optical's production capacity, products and speed. As a leading enterprise in Danyang glasses industry, Wanxin Optical has been committed to the visual health of the whole people. While paying attention to the continuous upgrading of the brand, quality and category “three products”, it pays more attention to technology and R&D, starting from the process of film layer and design, for consumption. Developed more high quality products.

Subsequently, Du Tong and the chairman of the board and his party came to the Wanxin Optical History Exhibition Zone. Tang Longbao, the chairman of Wanxin Optical Group, introduced the awards won by Wanxin over the years. For 46 years, Wanxin Optics continued to play its own advantages in the field, in technology and products. Always standing at the forefront of the industry, in order to optimize the domestic high-end product market to the utmost, to guide the industry to a higher end, more core and more professional direction.

After the visit, Chairman Tang Longbao conducted in-depth exchanges with Du Tong and Chairman of the Board of Directors and Secretary-General David Wei. Today's society is an era of digital age, information age and traffic flow, and it is an era of attention to the health of all people. The future of the optical industry should focus on professionalism and science, and strive for the common mission of human visual health.

During this visit, Du Tong and the chairman of the board felt the rigor of production of Wanxin Optical Group, and paid more attention to eye health. As the only company in the industry that covers all the metropolitan film and anti-blue film layer. Wanxin Optics is committed to providing more and more high-quality multi-functional products. In the future, Wanxin Optics will always adhere to the corporate philosophy of “becoming a person” and spare no effort to create a visual health for all.