Duqiao glasses hold the group out of the country market

- May 15, 2019-

Duqiao is one of the largest eyewear production bases in China, and is also known as the “glass capital”. Recently, in 2019, India International Optical Glasses Exhibition (In-Optics2019) was held as scheduled at the Pragati Maidan International Exhibition Center in New Delhi. 16 glasses and industry-related companies from Duqiao Town participated in the event. It is reported that the exhibition is the most influential and well-known professional optical exhibition in India, with a total exhibition area of over 18,000 square meters.


“Participating in the Indian Optical Show, we have seen the huge potential of the Indian market. Everyone has gained a lot and is very satisfied.” Yang Xiaolong, general manager of Zhejiang Shengye Technology Co., Ltd. told the reporter that the company is mainly engaged in the production of glasses-related mechanical equipment. I have traveled to India to explore the market many times, but this time I participated in the exhibition with so many brother companies is unforgettable. “Next, we will continue to work together to make Duqiao’s glasses industry go further.”


The reporter learned that at present, Duqiao Town has a total of nearly 1,000 eyewear companies, including Yingchang, Pasha, Langte Dream, Kailu Road, China Hong Kong and many other well-known brands, with an annual output value of over 4 billion yuan, and the products are sold to Europe and the United States. More than 50 countries and regions in the Middle East, Russia, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia.


In order to create a regional brand image of the Linqiao Duqiao glasses production base, and in response to the “One Belt, One Road” initiative, we will further explore the Indian optical market. This year, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce took the initiative to understand the exhibiting needs of various enterprises and actively contacted Zhejiang Yuanda International Exhibition Co., Ltd. , coordinate the number of booths. In the end, the bureau organized 16 companies to participate in the exhibition, including 8 glasses companies, 3 lens companies, 3 machinery companies, and 2 accessory mold companies. The actual exhibition area is 174 square meters. During the exhibition, these companies all appeared in the exhibition hall with a unified image, which became the biggest highlight of the exhibition in China.


"This time, Duqiao glasses went abroad to participate in the Indian exhibition and achieved certain publicity and display effects. While effectively improving the influence and popularity of Duqiao glasses in the Indian market, it also further boosted the city's optical industry. In the future, we will continue to help enterprises to open up markets, actively organize enterprises to participate in key exhibitions at home and abroad, support enterprises to consolidate traditional markets such as the United States, the European Union, Japan and South Korea, and expand the 'Belt and Road', Africa, Latin America and other emerging The market further optimizes the market structure and promotes the diversification and globalization of foreign trade in the city,” said Shao Quanli, director of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce.