Duqiao glasses should build their own 'golden signboard'

- May 27, 2019-

In Duqiao Town, Linhai City, large and small glasses factories can be seen everywhere, making people feel like they are in the “glasses kingdom”, and the optical industry has already become one of the pillar industries of Duqiao economy.

In recent years, Duqiao has won the reputation of “one of the four major national glasses markets”, “the hometown of Chinese glasses” and “Zhejiang Sunglass Export Base”, but the town’s enterprises mainly produce low-end sunglasses, glasses frames and eyes. Lenses are the mainstay, coupled with the low level of technology in the optical industry and low barriers to entry, attracting large numbers of large and small enterprises to settle in, resulting in uneven quality of glasses, which restricts the development of the optical industry.

“In daily work, many glasses companies have told us that due to the overall quality impression of Duqiao glasses, many customers are not willing to place orders at Duqiao.” Jin Jianmin, deputy director of Duqiao Branch of Linhai Municipal Market Supervision Administration, told reporters that To help the optical industry improve product quality, Duqiao City Supervision Bureau first conducted a bottom-up investigation and found that there are many problems in Duqiao glasses and related supporting enterprises. For example, many small private enterprises producing sunglasses mostly have backward production technology and weak technical strength. There are many sunglasses products ex-factory price is only three or four yuan, it is difficult to produce high-quality products; quite a part of the management of the company's quality awareness is weak, the market is still tending to vicious and disorderly low-cost competition; production enterprises It is often the ultimate goal of its own products to meet the standard requirements. Few companies have set corporate standards higher than national standards with the goal of improving product quality.