Early symptoms of myopia in children

- Jun 24, 2019-

The number of patients with pre-Chinese myopia has reached 600 million. The poor eyesight rate of high school students and college students has reached more than 83%. As a country with the highest myopia rate among teenagers, China's visual health situation is extremely serious.


The country is paying more and more attention to the prevention and control of myopia in young people. CCTV News released an early symptom and scientific eye guide for children with myopia, hoping to attract enough attention from parents.


Early symptoms of myopia in children


1 Like to blink and see things Long-term blinking can lead to limited muscle fatigue, and myopia is deepened faster.


2 Seeing things too close Look at things very close, watching TV unconsciously go forward, often suggesting that the vision is getting worse.


3 Frequently rubbing your eyes The child of myopia is obsessed with looking things, eyes are tired, and often rubbing his eyes may prompt the child to lose sight.


4 Frequent blinking Myopia children often rub their eyes, causing chronic conjunctivitis and corneal damage, eyes are uncomfortable, and children often blink their eyes.


5 Frequently hoeing or squinting to see things After strabismus is excluded, myopic children like gold or squinting because they can reduce the scattered light and see it clearly.


6 Frequent frowning Frown can cause changes in the eyelids and extraocular muscles, changing the shape of the eyeballs, and thus seeing more clearly.


7 Frequently pulling the corners of the eyes This will reduce the scattering of light, flatten the cornea, change the light power, and temporarily improve the vision of mild myopia. But long-term pulling of the corners of the eyes will cause astigmatism.