Eight devil reception techniques for gold sales in optical shops

- Sep 03, 2019-

The change from the average salesperson to the gold salesman is more reflected in the details. The good salesperson is less likely to make fewer mistakes in detail or better. Today, let's take a look at the skills that gold salespeople admire at customer reception!

First, when selling goods, give customers the choice, take out two to pick him and give him good advice, even the customer said this, don't, you have to say that I feel that suits you.

Second, even if the customer really does not buy, he should ask him again if he wants to increase the sales volume by 25%.

Third, picky is a good customer, let the customer pick the fault, and then ask the customer what the product is, do not lift the bar with the customer.

Fourth, the price is not the only factor that affects the customer's purchase. For customers who like to pay the price, ask him how much he is willing to pay for it. If you know that the customer does not answer the answer, you can get a good profit. The customer is not a expert, even you know Already earned a price increase on the basis of the customer's offer price, so that the price must not be too happy, so that the price is conditional, let him buy a pair of sunglasses.

Fifth, let the customer try on it. Even if you don't buy it, you can say that it doesn't matter if you try to buy it first. If the customer feels that the price is not suitable, ask him what price he wants.

Sixth, after the business is completed, don't forget to tell the customer that there is a need to come next time, or ask the customer whether the family wants or not, can be preferential, this is called repeated game.

Seventh, considerate customers, always ready to meet the needs of customers and even prospective customers, and even have nothing to do with your sales, but also enthusiastically solve, you do not know when he really took care of your business.

Eighth, remember the name of the old customer, and later I will call Mr. Someone, Miss So.

Above, we shared the skills of eight gold salespeople at the customer reception! In fact, it is a detail of the sales work, take every customer who enters the store seriously, and transform each process into a summary of their own experience. I believe that you will get better and better.