Essilor successfully completed the health care clinic in Tangzhuang Town

- Oct 24, 2019-

On October 16, 17 and 18, 2019, the "Alum New Vision" youth myopia prevention and control public welfare action jointly initiated by Essilor Foundation and Purui Foundation came to Tangzhuang Town, Dengfeng City, Henan Province, in Zhengzhou City. With the support of the Red Cross Society of Jinshui District and the Tangzhuang Town People's Government of Dengfeng City, a team of 67 volunteers consisting of Essilor Group and Zhengzhou Purui Hospital conducted more than 3,500 students from one local high school and two primary schools. Vision examination, and for the 797 students who were diagnosed with ametropia after optometry, they were publicly available.

While solving the problem of poor eyesight in children in Tangzhuang Town, the volunteer team did not forget the visual health of the local elderly. Essilor Shanghai Songjiang Factory also donated 100 reading glasses to the local elderly to help the elderly improve their vision and improve their lives.

May you have good vision and a bright life.

Tangzhuang Town, located in the northeast of Dengfeng City, Henan Province, is a typical mountain township. Although the scenery is beautiful, it is very poor. Many children's homes are in the mountains. The houses are simple. After school, they can only climb to the roof to do their homework. The learning conditions are very bad. The visual status of local students is also not optimistic, especially for middle school students, the myopia rate is as high as 70%. Among them, many students are the first glasses, myopia is already very high. Although many students have already worn glasses, the degree has developed rapidly. In some years, even one half year has already deepened one or two Baidu.

The clinic will help children in the mountains to correct their vision, so that they can have appropriate and reliable glasses and see the blackboard to learn better.

Volunteers from all over the country went into Tangzhuang Town Junior High School in Dengfeng City, Tangzhuang Town First Primary School and Tangzhuang Town Second Primary School in three days to conduct visual screening and refraction for students. Volunteer services such as inspection and matching of glasses are available for a total length of more than 31 hours.

There is a girl, the glasses I wear are still fitted two years ago, and now I can't see the blackboard. Because parents are working outside, grandparents lack awareness in this area, and the traffic is inconvenient, so they always wear old glasses to make use of it, but she has been eager to have a pair of new glasses. When she learned that the clinic could provide her with a pair of clear glasses for free, she smiled happily.

Volunteers carefully check every child, from the initial screening, color vision examination, to computer optometry, insert optometry, very patient and meticulous, especially in the optometry of the insert, tirelessly ask, adjust again and again until the child Say comfortable and see clearly.