Eyeglasses size and sort description as well as How to use cleaning cloth

- Aug 23, 2017-

【Key word】 eyeglasses case

Eyeglasses case ,Simple understanding is a box for holding glasses,It is called the glasses case. And we can see it everywhere in our daily life.
But to know is not to understand it, So we might as well come to know it.
This allows you to master some professional knowledge, instead of talk in general speaking。

1.    In general, what’s the size of eyeglasses case?

Until now, the length of eyeglasses case is about 27 cm. If opened, the height is between 15 and 18 cm, and if folded,
it is about 10 cm。 In addition.It should be noted that different size of eyeglasses should match different size of eyeglasses case.

2.How to description eyeglasses case in English? What are the common types?
Eyeglasses case in English is for Eyeglasses box. The six common types are as below, plastic eyeglasses case,iron eyeglasses case, handmade eyeglasses case, contact lens case, magic eyeglasses case and EVA eyeglasses case. The plastic eyeglasses case is the most frequent used.

3.How to achieve the opening and closing of glasses cases? And what are eyelasses cases used for? Moreover, how to use the cleaning cloth inside it?

metal eyewear case7.jpg

                                                          Metal eyeglasses cases

The opening and closing of eyeglasses cases are achieved by the mirror box shaft or mirror box opening and closing shaft. And the it mainly used to protect eyeglasses, and make eyeglasses can be carried easily. As to the  clothing  cloth inside it,  when eyeglasses are not applicable, it can be laid to the glasses, so it can play a role for protection.
The problems mentioned above are all about eyeglasses cases. At the same time, they are also related to the basic aspects. Thus, specific answers are given for everyone to have a clearly and preliminary understanding for their own glasses cases. And then, a proper way can be used to play the due role of eyeglasses cases.

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