Eyewear industry is changing marketing mode

- Jun 23, 2020-

Recently, a glasses company in Wenzhou has taken a different approach, driving mobile optometry vehicles into the community and achieving the effect of drainage through on-site services. Since July last year, the company has purchased 5 mobile optometry vehicles and served hundreds of communities.

Recently, I talked with an entrepreneur in the eyewear industry about the global eyewear market and found an interesting detail. The way insiders calculate the total eyewear sales market is to first estimate the sales of the manufacturing end, such as 100 billion yuan, and then here On the basis of multiplying ten times, this is the total share of the glasses sales market.

This shows that as a commodity, the price difference of glasses from the factory to the sales terminal is about 10 times. This ratio has not changed significantly compared with more than ten years. In the background that the Internet has led the development of the era for so many years, many industries such as shoes and clothing have substantially promoted the C2M (Consumer Direct Factory) model, and there are still more intermediate links in eyewear marketing than we imagined. It is no wonder that some entrepreneurs bluntly stated that “the eyewear industry is at least ten years behind shoes and clothing in terms of sales model”, and “decentralization” is its inevitable trend.

Affected by the epidemic, the sales orders of the eyewear industry have shrunk significantly, which is a huge pressure for Wenzhou glasses, which is mainly the export market. But if we can use this as an opportunity to guide more companies to devote their energy to the transformation of marketing models, it may well be an opportunity to explore a new development model. Whether it is a mobile optometry vehicle or the introduction of online celebrity live broadcast, if the sales model of Wenzhou Glasses can emerge as a result of a wave of change, the future development path will definitely become broader.https://www.gift-package.com/