Family is essential to the growth of children.

- Sep 26, 2018-

Parents should understand the scientific eye care knowledge, set an example, drive and help children develop good eye habits, as far as possible to provide a good home visual environment. 0-6 years old is the key period of children's visual development. Parents should pay special attention to the protection and health of children's early vision, and timely prevent and control the occurrence and development of myopia.

Increase outdoor activities and exercise. Allowing children to spend more time outdoors in the sun can effectively prevent and control myopia. To create a good family sports atmosphere, actively guide children to participate in outdoor activities or physical exercise, so that they are exposed to outdoor natural light every day at home for more than 60 minutes. The child that already sufferred myopia should increase outdoor activity time further, defer myopia to develop. Encourage and support children to participate in various forms of sports activities, urge children to carefully complete winter and summer sports homework, enable them to master 1 to 2 sports skills, and guide children to develop a lifelong exercise habit.

Control the use of electronic products. Parents should minimize the use of electronic products when accompanying their children. Consciously control children, especially preschoolers to use electronic products, electronic products use of learning the purpose of a single shoulds not be more than 15 minutes, cumulative shoulds not be more than 1 hours a day, learning to use electronic products 30-40 minutes, rest overlook should loosen up 10 minutes, the smaller the age, the shorter the time should be continuous to use electronic products.

Reduce the burden of extracurricular study. Cooperate with the school to lighten the burden of the child earnestly, do not join the extracurricular training blindly, follow the wind to sign up for the class, should according to the child interest hobby reasonable choice, avoid the school reduces the burden, the family increases the burden.