Full automatic umbrella

- Jan 19, 2018-

Umbrella is a tool for providing shade or shelter from rain and snow. China is the first country in the world to invent umbrellas. Umbrellas are an important creation of Chinese laboring people.
With the evolution of times, umbrellas are no longer just a living tool. People give it more fashion elements and become a decoration.

Full automatic umbrella.jpg

Full automatic umbrella is one kind of umbrella, has shading rain action, anti - ultraviolet, anti - wrinkle. The function of automatic collection is not only novel and upscale, but also provides convenience in life. When you get on and off the car, you can avoid the trouble of opening an umbrella, and you can easily open or accept an umbrella with one button. The most important design of full-automatic shrink long handle umbrella is the choice of elastic potential energy device between the upper and lower springs. The traditional semi-automatic long handle umbrella is a pre-tightening force between two sliding blocks to push the slider upward, thus realizing the opening of the long handle umbrella.