Function and nursing of PU leather contact lenses case

- Oct 27, 2017-

In our daily use of contact lenses, the fitted contact lenses case is also very important. Currently, there is a PU leather contact lenses case among the eyeglasses cases market, which main usage is to hold contact lenses case, to avoid contact lenses from damaging and pollution.
Once the contact lenses have been polluted and we didn’t nurse it in time, when you used it, it will make very bad impacts to our eyes. To avoid this kind of situation happening, besides disinfected also we should hold it in suitable place, such as putting in contact lenses case after we removed the contact lenses.  
The PU leather contact lenses case has two main functions, one hand is to hold contact lenses case, the other hand is to act a protective function to avoid the contact lenses from pollution or damaging. It shows that the eyeglasses case function and impact can’t be ignored, although it is just an accessory of eyeglasses. We should put the contact lenses in the eyeglasses case after we removed it, which can avoid outside damaging effectively.
It should be noticed that we should replace PU leather contact lenses case at regular time, as the case service time is limited, if we don’t replace the case in time, it may affect cleanliness of contact lenses , and eventually damage our eyes. Under normal conditions, we should better replace our contact lenses case every three months.   
At present, there are varies of PU feather contact lenses case in the market, which designs are very welcomed by the consumers, we surely believed that you will find a fond design for yourself. At same time we would like to remind everyone that we should do the cleaning work well to make the contact lenses wearing more healthy.