Future advantages of the digital printing PU leather

- Jan 12, 2018-

Nowadays bags, travel bags and handbags are not only made of by non-woven fabrics and canvas, but also made of artificial leather and for which have been occupied the leading position. Artificial leather has the characteristics of comfortable touching, waterproof, oil - resistant, bright color etc. But a lot of handbag processing plants have a problem that the artificial leather color is monotonous, the pattern is common, and doesn’t have its own pattern and related introduction. Then they would think of the silk screen printing, the leather silk screen printing can print out some simple patterns, but the pattern is simple, and easy to cause chromatic aberration; because the manual silk screen printing is different every time, then the color of the printed pattern will be a bit different, this leads to several colors of the same batch products; And the silkscreen has a very serious fatal flaw that smells big and fade easily

Now the new arising PU leather digital printing is under way, its printing color is stable and can be printed according to its own design artwork with good color stability, small odor and other advantages etc.


During the long hot summer days, Ordinary PU leather printing will appear serious fading, which will result in a lower level of product, and it will gives users a bad user experience. However, PU leather digital printing will not arise to this problem.

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