Glasses and glasses case for routine maintenance and cleaning

- Feb 07, 2018-

Glasses and cases boxes are use for a long time, the shell will have dust and debris, usually take out glasses cloth or even carry on the clothes to wipe. Recently on the Internet to see on the glasses is not actually used to wipe glasses, long wear glasses with glasses, will cause the lens wear; glasses cloth function is only used to wrap the lenses, and glasses case isolated. Today to wear glasses to share with friends about cleaning steps:

Glasses case cleaning:

1. Drop a small amount of detergent on dusty glasses.

2. Rinse under running water and gently wipe with your hands.

3. Cover the lens with a clean, soft napkin.

4. After drying the water, put the glasses on the ventilated place to dry.

Glasses cleaning:

First, glasses cleaning four effective method of special wipe paper

Special glasses wipe paper is a good choice. Individually packaged, portable, without washing, tearing out, quick cleaning, remove the grease, stains, dust on the lens, the bacteria left in the glasses, frames can be effectively removed. Can not be used repeatedly is one of its deficiencies.

Second, glasses cleaning four effective hand wash

Wash the lenses directly with tap water and wash the attached dust off. Wash hands, squeeze some detergent, hand sanitizer and other liquid detergent on your finger. Keep the lens with water, the detergent applied to the lens after cleaning; if the concentration of the detergent needs dilution, rinse again until completely washed away, and finally with a small flow of water on the lens washed away. If there is a small amount of water remaining, use a clean soft dry 100% cotton cloth, do not wipe. Need water, is a constraint.

Third, the glasses cleaning four effective methods of spray cleaning

Essilor anti-fog lenses for the series, you need to use its anti-fog cleaning agent. Ordinary lens street lamp manufacturers can also use ordinary spray cleaner and microfiber cleaning cloth, the cleaner spray on both sides of the lens, with a clean hand to circular shape carefully wipe, wipe is completed, and then microfiber cleaning cloth Dry the surface.

Four, glasses cleaning four effective methods of ultrasonic cleaning machine

Each formal optical shop has such equipment, clerks skilled operation. The correct way is: add water to the ultrasonic cleaner, plug in the power, put glasses, press ON, wait, wash, turn off the switch, unplug the power. You can also buy a washing machine in the family, the price is not expensive.