Glasses are not suitable, give birth to white hair

- Mar 15, 2019-

If the blood circulation in the head is poor, it will become one of the opportunities for long hair. The Japanese "Vital Gate" website summarizes the details of avoiding long white hair.

1. Dietary rules. After the food enters the human body, the nutrition will first moisturize the skin and internal organs that sustain the life, and the hair will be placed in the back position. If you are malnourished, your hair will become brittle and thin, and your hair will increase.

2. Decompress in time. If the pressure is too high, the autonomic nerve will be out of balance, and the blood circulation will be deteriorated, so that the nutrients cannot reach the hair roots, causing white hair and hair loss.

3. Sufficient sleep. Not enough sleep does not only make people feel stressed, but also disrupts the autonomic nerves, and the hair does not absorb nutrients.

4. Do not dry naturally after washing your head. Allow to dry naturally so that the moisture in the hair ends first, and the moisture in the hair roots remains. Together with the high temperature of the scalp, the bacteria are more likely to multiply and deteriorate the growth environment of the hair.

5. Hair splitting often changes. The scalp at the seam is always exposed to ultraviolet light, which is not only easy to grow white hair, but also hair loss.

6. Don't be too tight. The ponytail is worn every day, and the scalp always stretches in one direction, which can lead to poor blood circulation. If you have to comb the scorpion during the day, you can loosen it or change the position frequently. After releasing the scorpion at night, massage the scalp.

7. Do not wear glasses with different degrees. Due to busy work and other reasons, many people wear glasses with different degrees of matching a few years ago, which will make the muscles of both eyes and head very tight. Especially for people who work with common eyes, the diaphragm on the side of the head will be stiff, resulting in poor blood circulation and white hair.