Glasses cloth is not used to wipe glasses!

- Nov 20, 2019-

The real role of glasses cloth

When the glasses are spent, just take a breath on the lens and then wipe the glasses with glasses cloth or clothes. This action is familiar to those wearing glasses.

Most of the optical cloth materials on the market are not delicate enough. After repeated use, the cloth is prone to dust and foreign matter. At the same time, there are many tiny dust particles on the lens. If the glasses are not washed, dry with glasses cloth, it is equivalent to using small particles. Friction lens.

To say a little more image, just like rubbing on the lens with sandpaper, the lens will naturally take a long time.

No matter how good the glasses are, it is not recommended to wipe the glasses directly.

The real role of the glasses cloth is actually used to wrap the glasses, so that inside the glasses case, the friction between the lens and the mirror box can be reduced.

Since you can't use glasses to clean your glasses, what is the correct way to clean your glasses?

This is the correct way to clean the glasses!

The method is very simple, just need to prepare the detergent (if you can't, you can simply clean it with water).

1. First drop a little detergent on the lens and gently rotate it with your finger on the lens;

2, then the lens under the faucet, rinse with water, the water flow is not too large;

3. After cleaning, use a soft paper towel to dry the water on the lens in the same direction, do not rub back and forth;

4. Finally, put the glasses in a ventilated place to dry, and the cleaning of the glasses is completed.

Protective glasses tips

1. In addition to the method of cleaning with water, the ultrasonic cleaning machine can also be used to clean the glasses;

2. Use both hands to remove the glasses, and use one hand to remove the glasses to easily deform the glasses